Monday, September 1, 2014

Free Autochartist Chart Pattern Recognition Tool With FXPRIMUS

Autochartist scans through massive quantities of market price data automatically detecting predefined patterns as they form, saving time and effort for traders of all levels.

Autochartist makes it easier to trade successfully:

1. Automatically identifies real time, profitable trading opportunities.

2. Receive alerts of Chart and/or Fibonacci patterns, and Key Levels together with a forecast zone on completed patterns with a 70% success rate.

3. Trade pattern formations with the highest probability of success ranging from 60% - 80% using Our Favourites.

4. Get a technical outlook of the markets in your language using Market Reports.

Benefits of Autochartist:

#1 Automated Technical Analysis

- Autochartist saves time by continuously scanning financial markets and automatically alerting traders to actionable trade opportunities based on Chart Patterns, Horizontal Support and Resistance Levels, and Fibonacci Patterns.

- Never Miss an Opportunity: Receive real-time trade opportunity alerts both visually and audibly.

- Provides Forecast Levels: Eliminate the guesswork in setting profit targets. Autochartist does all the detail technical analysis work for you.

#2 Volatility Analysis

- No more guesswork in setting appropriate exit levels – our volatility analysis tool helps you to set instrument specific exits based on market volatility.

- Helps you trade appropriate instruments by showing you what instruments are moving in your time zone.

#3 Event Impact Analysis

Helps you to understand the impact of economic news events have on the Forex market to allow you to trade news with more confidence.

#4 Market Reports

Allows you to get a quick overview of the state of the markets before you start your analysis for the day.

#5 Our Favourites

Saves even more time by giving you only the best performing trading opportunities based on performance of the last 6 months.

#6 Performance Stats

Provides you with full disclosure as to Autochartist performance and allows you to perform your own analysis of Autochartist trade opportunities.

With such a powerful tool at your disposable, how can you not profit from The Safest Place To Trade?

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